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The smallest change in your golf clubs can have a big impact on your shot. Don't settle for clubs that are just alright. Dial them in for higher performance. 

for less.

get the most from your clubs.

standard shaft installation

Replacement of any steel or graphite shaft. Cost of shaft removal and new shaft not included. 

Cost: $25

Shaft removal

Removal of broken shaft for replacement. 

Cost: $10

Lengthen shaft without grip

Addition of an extension to fit your specifications. New grip installation not included.

Cost: $10

shorten shaft without grip

Shorten your existing club to your specifications. Installation of new grip not included.

Cost: $5

Shaft Adapter Installation

Installation of an universal shaft adaptor that fits all major golf brands .

Cost: $40

grip installation

Removal and installation of new grip. Cost of new grip not included. 

Cost: $5 per grip installation. 

loft & lie adjustment

Accurately measure and bend irons and putters. *

Cost: $5 per club 

*Not every iron or putter is able to be adjusted.

replace ferrule

Replacement of broken ferrule.  Doesn't include the cost of shaft removal and installation.

Cost: $5

re-epoxy head

Removal and re-epoxy of club's loose head. Includes shaft removal and install. 

Cost: $25

complete set detail

Includes - cleaning, inspection and touch-up paint of club heads and grips. 

Cost: $50

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